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Blue // Green Day

threeleaf in i_solitude

CLAMP batch

The community has new layout :)
Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle, XXXHOLiC, X/1999, RG Veda, Gohou Drug, Kobato, Wish...

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// Comment if you're taking.
// Credit in your keywords/comments in your userpics
// Don't edit them
// Don't claim them yours

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15
16 17 18
19 20 21

Icon table generated by 77words


I don't think I'm taking any because I'm not really into CLAMP, but I had to comment because they're gorgeous!!!! :D

My fave is 6!
thank you :D
Snagged three icons, with credit! Wow, these really are gorgeous. Spectacular job!
thanks :D
Very nice! ♥ Teehee! ♥ XP ♥
thank you :3
Your welcome! ♥

On another note, I really love your icon. ♥ I laughed my socks off when I first saw it. ♥ XD ♥
nice work!
thanks :D
ok :3
Taking # 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 & 10. Will credit when used.

Nice use of textures.8D
thank you :D
grabbed #7, and I'll give you credit =D! All of these icons are SO beautiful!! I love CLAMP..<3
thanks :3
Hey, the icons are gorgeous. Not sure if I'm taking any; if I do, I will of course give you full credit.

But I just thought I'd mention... It's much easier for us if you separate the table into the different series (like, say the name of one series and have a table for that, and then name another series and have a table for that, etc...). Or at least say which numbers correspond to which series. Particularly since they're all CLAMP, it makes it really hard to know whether to say that an image was taken from TRC or Wish or X/1999 or whatever. Not a criticism, just a suggestion.

But again, the icons are awesome!
By the way... should I credit threeleaf or i_solitude?
Any of them it's fine.

About the order thing, I usually post them in order, it's just I didn't have time enough to order them. I'll try to keep them in order next time. Thanks for the suggestion.
took 1, 2, and 10! Will credit. Cheers to Miss Murder- great song.
wai! thanks! :D
Snagging #2 will credit

They ARE shiny. :D You're a good iconist. *totally remembers when I was beat by you at clamp_icontest* XD
Snagged #7, will credit.